“A smile for Ukrainian Children of war ”

EzzyLink is a newly established nonprofit organization but founded by a group of highly skilled professionals with vast experience (over 20 years) in organizational and project management. A group of four experts with high commitment to the nonprofit sector and determination to help vulnerable people of the Republic of Moldova, previously managed various projects funded by several international donors, such as EU, Czech Development Agency, USAID, UNDP, and others.

EzzyLink is aiming at contributing to the development of rural and urban communities through sustainable development programs, contributing to the increase of the efficiency and quality of social assistance in the Republic of Moldova as well as contributing to the promotion in society of volunteering and a healthy way of life.
ADDI has implemented projects for socially vulnerable people, providing direct support for about 500 visually impaired people. The organization also has experience in volunteer activities, community journalism and youth involvement.
The organization has experience in project management, finance reporting, has managed budgets of 30,000 pounds previously.

Background Information:

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moldova has received almost 400,000 Ukrainian refugees. Most of the Ukrainian citizens that crossed the border into Moldova wanted to continue to the EU, but at least 100,000 decided to settle here and some applied for asylum in Moldova.

EzzyLink as many international, national and local nonprofits is also trying to offer help to the refugees.
Through the previous support of Rotary International, as well as friends and family, EzzyLink, managed to accomplish several activities within the last couple of months. Such as: warm meal offers to the refugees at the crossing points of the borders with Ukraine and Romania in close collaboration with social enterprises of catering service, covering fuel cost for food delivery and refugees’ transportation between the crossing points, food packs, food and medicine vouchers and humanitarian aid distribution among refugees. Recently, a new group of potential beneficiaries has been discovered.

There are 292 Ukrainian refugees have been helped at the recreation spot “Bradulet” in Vadul lui Voda since February 28. Out of which, 122 people have been living in Bradulet since then. There are 58 children among these refugees that “stock” at Bradulet for the last two months. In the town of Causeni and three (3) villages around, at least 500 refugees have been hosted both at the refugees center and Moldovan host families, at least 150 of them are children. The food and cloth is partially provided by a religious mission “Vestea Buna” (in Vadul lui Voda), some other NGOs and private donors, but there is almost no activity happening for those children, neither sport or game equipment existing. The kids are “locked” among similar traumatized children with no alternative activity space or action – the Children of War…

Objectives of the Action:

Overall objective: To reduce the impact of the traumatic experience of the Ukrainian refugee children by providing immediate support through alternative education techniques, such as art therapy, sports and playground equipment for their development and stress relief and contributing to their parents’ wellbeing by proving gardening and farming equipment.

Target groups: 122 Ukrainian refugees, 58 of which are children living within Bradulet recreation spot in Vadul lui Voda and at least 400 refugees hosted in Causeni, 150 of which are children.
Proposed intervention

Taking into consideration, there are hundreds of refugees including children living in a closed space (refugee centers), among psychologically traumatized kids and their parents for the last two months an immediate demand of stress reducing activities was identified.
Moreover, EzzyLink and ADDI conducted an opinion poll to analyse the challenges and needs refugees are facing. Following the analysis of the refugee questionnaire and aiming to reduce the stress by getting involved in non-formal activities, EzzyLink is proposing the following actions as an immediate answer to the most requested / urgent needs mentioned by refugees:

Immediate creation of alternative educational and stress relief space
Duration: 12 weeks
Identification of an expert to organize the Art Therapy sessions and non-formal learning activities (10 classes x 20 participants) for children at the refugee centres in Vadul lui Voda and Causeni, to reduce stress by using different musical instruments, jungles, arts equipment, crayons.
Organizing space for communication and counseling the refugees as well as English/Romanian language classes (10 classes x 10 participants).
Outdoor activities, yoga and sports competitions (20 classes*20 participants).
Supporting refugees in physical and mental wellbeing process through gardening and farming.
Purchase of sports and outdoor equipment to be used by refugee children in a long run.
Organizing two cultural events for refugee’s host family representatives.

Human Trafficking Awareness Training Project – Moldova

The war/conflict in Ukraine has led to a refugee crisis with millions of Ukraine citizens fleeing the conflict areas with millions moving west for safe haven.

It is acknowledged that this presents a humanitarian crisis but with additional risks to refugees from human traffickers.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees more than ten million people have now fled their homes in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion. This is changing daily.

As well as the four million who have left for neighbouring countries, another estimated 6.5 million people are thought to be displaced inside the war-torn country itself.

Refugees are crossing into Moldova and are also crossing to neighbouring countries to the west, such as Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.