• Serve and promote the interests of the business communities in the Republic of Moldova and the UK. ▪ Provide advice, information, and assistance to the business community as well as a set of clear, practical  support services. 
  • Undertake, or encourage members to undertake, joint activities and arrangements for mutual support and  promotion of the interests for the business community. 
  • Provide networking and matchmaking services for UK  and Moldovan businesses wishing to enter the market Operations 
  • The Chamber is structured to ensure transparent operation with a clear operating and management  structure that aligns with global British Chambers standards. 

The Chamber will; 

  • Act independently of Government (national and local) and is independent of any other body that is not a Chamber (for example whether it is a subsidiary or division of another body). 
  • Will be inclusive, albeit selective, regarding the calibre of its applying members. 
  • Will represent the business community on whose behalf it is to be formed and reflects the nature of the  community. 
  • Promote direct and indirect education for students and internships with the membership and educational  faculties in the UK. 

The structure of the Chamber; 

  • A company registered as non-profit according to the relevant authorities in the country of location and the UK. 
  • It will have a prevention of the payment of dividends to its members/ non-shareholding. 
  • It will have provision that any profits/ surplus is used to further the objectives of the Chamber. 
  • It will preserve its representative nature in respect of all its members equally and does not  allow it to be controlled by any one member or group of members. 
  • There will be proper processes in place for the members to elect the Chamber’s Board / committee and  there are stipulated terms of office. 
  • The membership is available to business organisations rather than individuals and in the constitution each member has only one vote. 

The Chamber will be established on international accounting standards and practices, with good financial  management processes from outset, and adopt best practices as guided by the UK British Chambers of  Commerce directives.  

The Chamber is part of the Global Business Network Member as part of its establishment and will be working closely with the UK to maximise the global benefits. 

The Chamber is part of the Affiliate International program of the British Chamber of Commerce and will be working closely with the UK to maximise the global benefits. 

Creation and Roles of Industry sector Committees

  • Committees are created when there are sufficient members to qualify for a Committee
  • Committee board representatives will be voted upon by election of the Committee Members
  • Workshops, Delegations, Online Seminars & Events will be proposed and voted on by the Members of the Committee and the Committee board will propose the initiative to the Britcham Board and if applicable will be organised by Britcham on behalf of the members requests
  • Proposed Projects by Committees to the Britcham board will be reviewed and if there are additional costs outside of the Membership fee services the Britcham Board will review and propose the additional financial costs.
  • Respectfully the Britcham Board from time to time may propose ideas & Activities for the Committees to Vote upon if they wish to participate within.

Britcham Financial Sustainability:

  • Britcham Board currently participates as Volunteers for Sustainability.
  • Britcham operates out of the UKn Registered in the UK and operates Digitally in order to reduce costs on overheads for Sustainability.
  • All services required by members outside of the membership fee are chargeable as services or the member can upgrade their membership package as they require.
  • Britcham is an independent entity and financially sustained by members and services for its members & not financially supported by Governments or any other Organisations enabling neutrality for its members.

Disclaimer: Due to the Britcham Officially launching on the 4th of February 2022, 20 Days prior to the Invasion of Ukraine the initial business plan of the Britcham is no longer Valid and will be reviewed based on feedback from members and the expectancy of the war lasting years.


The war has also made a local setup of the Britcham Business & Education Centre in Moldova to be delayed, Which was to be a subsidiary of the Britcham Entity in the UK, this will be until there is enough Moldovan Members to Justify the economic sustainability in Moldova of the Subsidiary.