The current conflict in Ukraine has seen unprecedented humanitarian and fundraising activity from across the world. However, due to this sudden rush several issues are arising in respect to delivering on the ground support quickly. Whilst hundreds of millions of £,$,€ have been raised through charities, NGO’s, Celebrities and Ukrainian fundraisers, many businesses have also turned to collecting food, clothes and cash donations. Whilst these efforts are admirable, they are not having the intended impact, have been subject to delay and are disproportionately distributed. 

The British Chamber of Commerce Moldova has identified a 10-point plan to help speed up the impact of the donations, coordinate needed resources and support Moldova in its support effort as the majority of Aid flows into Poland.

Moldova currently and historically has some issues of its own and has been identified as potentially likely to be invaded by advancing forces, if there is no ceasefire. In any event the refugee migration from Ukraine now represents over 8% of the settled population of Moldova and is rising daily. 

Local NGO’s businesses, rotary clubs and private citizens are active in providing accommodation, fresh food, clothes, and support to the refugees, but they are not receiving the awareness and support that is currently being directed to Poland, for example. 

In addition to our local connections, Lee Grant, founder of Britcham Moldova,  worked very quickly to secure an exit corridor for his ex-wife and son, both Ukrainian citizens and living in Ukraine. Subsequently they were the first Ukrainians awarded a refugee visa to enter the United Kingdom and are now in the process of seeking accommodation and jobs but due to the housing crisis in the UK this now becomes even more complex

Through this process and via networks in both Ukraine and Moldova we have identified a 10-point list of current issues being faced and solutions to enable greater impact and support to on-the-ground, localized humanitarian activities.

A world where children and adults with special needs have access to the same opportunities as others to fulfil their life’s ambitions; a world where we can all live safely with dignity,
respect, and quality care.


The EzzyLink is a newly established nonprofit organization (as of October 2021). However, it is founded by a group of highly
skilled professionals with vast experience (over 20 years) in organizational and project management (as an example, the
Executive Director of EzzyLink used to run People in Need Moldova (Czech NGO) as the Country Director for the last 4 years, managing an annual turnover of 1.1 mln. EURO).